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Each month, we update this list with the top selling espresso makers. For a product to make it onto this list, it must be highly rated and reviewed by customers just like you. Also, each one of these espresso machines have been rated and reviewed by us and can be found here: Best Espresso Machine Guides.

So, enjoy this list of the top espresso machines below and choose the one that’s best for your needs.

August 2015 Top Rated Espresso Machines

#1 Best Rated Espresso Machine

Gaggia 14101

Customer Rating: 4
Current Price: $369

This continues to be the best selling espresso maker on the market. Why? Because, it’s like a mini commercial system.

It includes a 17 1/2-bar pump that delivers rich, frothy crema, allows the option of brewing both single- and double-shots, has a milk frothing wand, and dedicated hot water dispenser.

With its full stainless steel housing and 72-ounce water tank, you’re getting a device that’s commercial quality, but you don’t have to pay the full price of a commercial espresso machine.

#2 Top Rated Device

KRUPS EA8250 Espresseria

Customer Rating: 4
Current Price: $650

This is one of the best-in-class, top rated espresso machines you can buy. In fact, if you want to own a machine for life, this is it.

It’s jam packed with every feature you would ever need to deliver a true bean to cup experience. With an on-board bean storage container, burr grinder, 15-bar pump with automated tamping, steam nozzle for frothing milk, and an advanced self-cleaning mode, this super-automatic espresso machine is hard to beat.

It also features an LCD screen for brewing drinks and a 60-ounce water reservoir.

#3 Top Espresso Machine

De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica

Customer Rating: 4
Current Price: $599

This is another top performing device that not only delivers flavorful espresso, but can also brew cappuccinos, lattes and more.

This stunning super-automatic machine features an on-board bean grinder, adjustable height coffee spigot, steam wand, and a stainless steel removable double boiler for easy cleaning.

It also includes a cup warming tray and 60-ounce water tank.

The only drawback to this device is that it is recommended to clean it once per week to ensure lifelong operation.

#4 Best Rated Espresso Maker

Jura Ena 9 One Touch

Customer Rating: 4
Current Price: $1,340

Coming in at #4, this product continues to top our best rated espresso machine list each month.

With a sleek, modern design it’s the best looking device we’ve seen on the market. While it is the highest priced espresso maker on our list, it’s jam packed with some amazing features.

It’s truly super-automatic and comes with a multi-level conical burr grinder, milk frother with feather-light fine foam technology, intelligent pre-brew aroma system and aroma boost function, one touch specialty drink options, and a self-rinsing, cleaning and descaling program.

Another great feature is its dual spout with adjustable height level for any size cup.

#5 Best Espresso Machine

De’Longhi EC155

Customer Rating: 4
Current Price: $89

This is the best and cheapest pump-driven espresso machines you can buy.

If you want a compact device that can fit in the smallest kitchen, yet still delivers a great espresso experience, this is your best pick.

Its dual function filter offers the option of using both easy-serving-espresso (ESE) pods or ground coffee. It also includes a swivel jet frother, cup warmer and a high-quality stainless steel boiler with 15-bar pump pressure.

The water reservoir holds up to 35-ounces.

#6 Top Espresso Maker

Nespresso Pixie

Customer Rating: 4.5
Current Price: $179

If you want a hassle-free, push button espresso maker, you can’t go wrong with this product.

It’s a fully automatic device that features a 19-bar pump for maximum coffee flavor. It also uses ESE pods and collects used capsules in a storage container on the back of the unit.

Another nice feature is that it comes in three stylish colors: Electric Titan, Chrome, Indigo, Aluminum, Black and Red.

#7 Top Espresso Machine

De’Longhi EC702

Customer Rating: 4
Current Price $190

This gorgeous semi-automatic espresso machine is made up of all stainless steel. It’s definitely a show piece for any kitchen.

Its most impressive feature is having two separate thermostats that let you control the water pressure and steam pressure separately in order to brew a cup to your individual taste.

It also has a built-in coffee tamper, cup warming tray, steaming wand and can accept ESE pods, in addition to ground coffee.

The 44-ounce water tank is removable for easy cleaning.

#8 Best Rated Device

Nespresso CitiZ with Milk Frother

Customer Rating: 4.8
Current Price: $299

This product is the only one of its kind on our top 10 espresso machines list.

What makes it unique is that it’s an automatic espresso maker that includes a removable milk container. This product is ideal for anyone who wants the option of enjoying a delicious cappuccino or latte without having to put in the extra work of grinding beans, tamping them into the machine, finding the perfect balance of taste and frothing consistency.

At the push of a button, everything is done for you.

It’s also outfitted with a large 1-liter water reservoir.

#9 Best Product to Own

Breville BES870XL

Customer Rating: 4.5
Current Price: $590

This device gives you free rein to explore the true art of making espresso from the comfort of your own home.

It allows you to customize every aspect that goes in to creating your own signature espresso flavor. With this device you’ll become a true home barista.

You can adjust coffee bean grind size, water temperature and pressure, tamping pressure and more. It also includes an espresso pressure gauge that allows you to monitor espresso extraction pressure.

It has an integrated burr grinder, half-pound bean hopper, cup warmer, steam wand and a 67-ounce water tank.

#10 Top Rated Espresso Machine

Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1000

Customer Rating: 4
Current Price: $179

Our final top 10 machine is a great value for anyone who wants to brew coffeehouse-quality espresso drinks from the comfort of their own home.

For the price, this machine is a great value.

Since it’s a semi-automatic espresso machine, you’ll have to grind and tamp your own coffee beans, but with user-friendly controls, you can make slight adjustments to brew a multitude of coffee drinks with or without milk. The milk basin is also removable so you can store it in the refrigerator when not in use.

We hope you enjoyed this list of the top rated espresso machines. As, we mentioned in the beginning we keep this list of the top 10 espresso machines updated every month, so be sure to check back often if you’re curious to find out what the best rated espresso machine you can get for your home kitchen.

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